Kimberley Beasley, Murdoch University, School of Education Australia

Joanna Kacprzyk, University College Dublin, School of Biology and Environmental Science, Ireland

Dawn Sanders, University of Gothenburg, Faculty of Education, Sweden

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Around the globe, research is being undertaken on the plant knowledge of people across a wide

range of demographics. Qualitative and arts-based research methods are increasingly being used for

these studies. This workshop will share research methods from three projects in Australia, Ireland

and Sweden which researched plant awareness with different groups of research participants. The

common methodological strand across the projects is an arts-based approach. In this workshop

postcards, layered mapping, drawing and photographs, art installations, impression sheets and

conversations over time will be examined in relation to the following questions: 


  • Which research methods could enable the study of plant awareness across diverse demographics? 
  • How can the arts support researchers to collect data on plant awareness? 
  • By looking through an artistic lens is it possible to appreciate/identify/ acknowledge plants in new ways? 



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