Call for Papers (Plants, People, Planet)

PPP is calling for the submissions of papers for a Special Issue on "Methodologies for investigating and fostering plant awareness' to build upon the success of the recent symposium that took place at the University of Vienna.

Biologists have long bemoaned the lack of interest in plants, a phenomenon that was originally known as 'plant blindness', but which has more recently been described as 'plant awareness disparity' or 'low plant awareness'. Plant awareness has never been more important than in the current ecological crisis. However, the methodological aspects of this arena call for further work.

The aim of this Special Issue is to stimulate methods-based discussions about plant awareness. The issue seeks contributions that explore and examine a variety of perspectives about plant awareness, compare assessment tools for studying its characteristics and discuss evidence-based practice and innovation for teaching and learning. Submissions that consider the following are particularly encouraged: What are the methodologies used for investigating plant awareness and what are their relative affordances and constraints for advancing our understanding of this construct?

The Guest Editors for this special issue are: Dawn Sanders, Bethan Stagg and Peter Pany.

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